Tim Godwin

Tim Godwin

A designer, art director, print maker and musician, in varying quantities. Responsibility & sustainability have always been intrinsic to his creative activity. His work can be found in print galleries and record shops as well as cleantech companies and campaigning organisations. He never finishes a sketchbook and keeps buying new bicycles and old records. He makes prints and likes type.

Tim on Human Nature

I suppose it, as usual, comes down to taking responsibility for your actions. There is a consequence of every decision you take, and certainly there’s a environmental impact resulting from everything you do, which in the UK, is normally negative.
Taking responsibility for your actions as a designer of things, whatever those things are, is something that is often avoided.
My degree course that made me think about taking that responsibility, following being put on probation and leaving a degree course that certainly didn’t. It also made me pretty much unemployable for a while. I’ve spent the time since then becoming employable, but keeping hold of that responsibility.

In the work I do for others, I try and ensure the results of that work have the least environmental impact possible. It follows therefore that the art I might make, without being asked to, should have the same parameters. Looking at the products available on the shelves of the average art supplier, there’s not much that actually has a minimal environmental impact. There’s some irony to found in creating a picture evoking the beauty of nature, using water based paints made of plastic. So I’m currently trying to make prints that you can compost when you regret buying them.


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