The Human Nature Manifesto

We, the undersigned, believe that the way in which we live is in conflict with the natural environment.

We believe that the choices made in our market driven, consumer orientated, fossil fuelled society are steering us to ever increasing environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and species extinction. The path we are on does not lead to a good destination for anyone, or anything.

It is important that we address and confront these issues. We want to re-assess our relationship with the natural world and help develop a sustainable, intelligent, fair, beautiful and ecologically rich future.

We believe art and design is a vital part of this.

Creativity is not a neutral, value-free process and the choices we make in the work we produce have impact. We choose to take responsibility to design and promote a sustainable future.

Art changes people, it can tell stories in ways that inspire people, moving them to think and act differently.
Art and design can create a vision of the world we want to inhabit.

Charlotte Webster, Founder & Curator, Human Nature
Tim Godwin, designer & printmaker
Lesley Hilling, sculptor
Ollie Gillard, designer & street artist
Indiana Caba ‘Walden’, street artist & designer
ATM, painter
Jonesy, sculptor, painter, printer & luthier
Pete Marsh, painter
Nicola Nemec, painter
Jane Laurie, painter, designer & illustrator
John Brooks, artist photographer
Marion Cheung, fine artist
Harry Cory Wright, photographer
Felicia Charles, painter
Karen Francesca, art psychotherapist
Dorothea Gibbs, film director & producer
Oliver Barnett, photographic Artist
MJ Forster, landscape painter
Michelle Harvey, artist & illustrator
 Justyna Budzyn, ceramic artist
Helen Jones, artist
Ben Wilson, chewing gum man
Louis Masai, painter
 Diana Simpson Hernandez, designer
 Pete Marsh, artist
Maczel Lang, artist
 Joshua Abarbanel, artist
Carrie Reichardt, craftivist
Anna Lilleengen, fine art photographer
Stuart Ian Frost, sculptor
Siri Austeen, musician and sound artist