Michelle Harvey

Michelle Harvey – Wolfskull Jack

Michelle Harvey is an artist and illustrator based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire. She specializes in finely detailed ink work that largely features wildlife and anatomical elements. She often uses beautifully intricate skeletal and floral designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and morbidly fascinating.

Her work explores the volatile and often hostile relationship between man and nature by intertwining human and animal anatomy together. Although sometimes unsettling, her pieces convey the message that despite our ego both man and beast are built of the same blood and bone. Much of Michelle’s work depicts a conceptual narrative, particularly “Within Us” featured here. It was originally created for a book featuring her illustrations entitled “Fall of Redd” that was hugely successful online and due to its popularity has sold out. It retells the brothers Grimm tale of Red Riding Hood in a gruelling time of superstition and cruelty that focuses on a mother and daughter ostracized while coping with loss.

Michelle’s work as an illustrator has allowed her to communicate complex ideas and narratives in a single image. These pieces in particular harbour themes of mortality, our natural habitat and evolution.

She has exhibited in private shows and conventions. She currently works as an illustrator to finance her personal art and continue her craft. She’s developed notoriety among tattoo artist as she was asked to exhibit at the National Tattoo Show in Manchester and was featured in Skin Deep magazine.


Michelle on Human Nature

Michelle has always been inspired by the natural word and it has always featured heavily in her work. Her love of botany and zoology stems from an admiration of David Attenborough and adoration of all animals. She’s thrilled to be a part of this exhibition as we are at or past such a crucial tipping point where humanity can have a more consciences relationship with the natural world. Unfortunately due to ignorance and greed we continue to have such a damning and irreversible impact on the environment. The Human Nature show is doing its part to raise awareness of environmental issues and exhibit alongside such amazing artists.

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