Interview with Ian Cox

You have photographed almost all of my favourite artists. You seem to be living the dream, how real is this dream? And if Tesco asked you to come back would it happen?

Looking back I guess I do live the dream. I get to travel; I am involved with all manner of art projects with a huge breadth of artists from across the world. I’m fortunate that this allows me to travel, get to meet new people and continually have new experiences and catch up on old ones. Haha, Tesco, never!

So which artists have you been chasing and still not shot? You got Banksy yet?

Hmmmm I’ve amassed quite a portfolio of portraits over the years but alas Banksy isn’t in there, maybe he is, who knows. I’ve only scratched the surface in the ten years I’ve been doing this work so there are too many more to meet.

Can you share the most breath taking sunrise or sunset you have experienced? Do you worry that climate change is in full effect?

Sitting on the beach in Southern Goa, the water lapped on the shore as the sun dropped sinking into the Arabian Sea on the horizon.

Yes, our weather patterns are definitely changing. We all need to be concerned about what we are doing to our planet and more importantly how to improve our behavior and adjust for the future.