Faunagraphic – Grey-breasted Parakeet

Grey-breasted Parakeet Otherwise know as: Pyrrhura griseipectus

Status: Critically Endangered

Estimated number: 250
Population trend: Decreasing

Location: Brazil

The Grey-breasted Parakeet used to live in 15 forested areas in Brazil. Currently it is found in just three areas in Ceará state: the Serra do Baturité, Quixadá and most recently a rocky mountainside in Ceará.

Why are they under threat?

Habitat destruction has played a role in its decline with original forest cover now reduced to just 13%. Coffee plantations, especially where sun coffee is grown instead of shade coffee, are impacting its habitat. The principal threat, however, is believed to come from ongoing trapping for illegal local and national trade and captive-breeding. The species is popular in the international cage bird trade.

What can you do?

Support local conservation efforts by AQUASIS in Brazil who are working hard to address the problem.

Interview with Faunagraphic

We’ve  asked you to paint endangered species for this project – do you find a brief useful or a hindrance?

I find a brief interesting to work with most of the time, as long as it’s something I enjoy doing. Over the last ten years I’ve been painting nature, science and sometimes heritage commissions. My favourite projects are always ones related to conservation and raising awareness of nature, it’s nice to work within guidelines if its relevant to something you’re interested in especially nature connected work.

Recently I have realised that when I have learnt something it’s very hard to unlearn it and this encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. Has this project switched on any buttons for you?

Not really, it’s an exciting project to be involved with, however one thing that has always fueled my work is the earth, and the nature upon it. Over the years I want to continue to grow and pass messages into my artwork and promote wildlife, flora and fauna. Ultimately, I want to encourage people to think more of the planet and do more to make positive changes. 

Have you experienced the learn/unlearn experience before?

Yes, I find when I learn about something new which is happening somewhere, whether its related to animal cruelty, environmental, nuclear power, species under threat of extinction, it bothers me hugely. I try to do what I can as a human to make a difference, and try to teach others, I cannot unlearn or ignore the fact we are destroying the planet.