Jonesy 1

Jonesy in London 1

‘Sentinel’ on Brick Lane.

Have you been lucky enough to stumble across a Jonesy bronze? His sculptures are often placed high up on the top of street signs or on walls, mainly in London. But these are just one outcome of his many skills. The first in our ‘Meet the Artist’ blog series, introducing you to the Human Nature artists, their work, motivations and hopes for the future, we are very proud to introduce you to Jonesy.

Welsh born Jonesy is, quite simply, one of Human Nature’s most talented artists. A sculptor and painter, he also makes jewellry and crafts musical instruments.

Passionate about the environment and creating a better world, London based Jonesy’s message is urgent:

“Almost everything we do is bad for the planet. We must immediately address the worst of what we are doing if we are to survive.

“Music and art are two ways in which an individual can have a voice in society. Artists can have a voice in a world of muti-national corporations, government control and advertising. I feel a counter-balance is really necessary.”

With a deep interest in science and nature, sustainability and a connection the natural world permeate through Jonesy’s work. Since leaving art college in 1986 the main focus of his work has been on mans relationship with the natural world.

Jonesy is particularly driven to communicate the need to get away from our addiction to fossil fuels.

“I attempt to promote ecology over bad husbandry. The use of fossil fuels and, in particular the use of oil from the tar sands, fracking for methane and issues surrounding nuclear waste and been the main focus of my work. I try to promote more environmentally friendly forms of energy.”

His guitars are made from sustainable fruit trees and recycled wood.

“For making guitars, I believe I have found tonewoods that are more environmentally friendly then those conventionally used. Many musical instruments are made from woods that are no longer sustainable. Use of fruitwoods to make musical instruments preceded the use of tropical woods, so I have been using these and other European woods not sourced from rainforests. I have used cherry, pear, walnut, plum, yew, oak, beech, plane/lace wood, boxwood and hickory; and also been working with recycled wood.”

His desire is bold and clear:

“I was brought up in the 60’s where music changed the world and really I would like art to do the same thing.”


Jonesy Studio 2

An aladdins cave bursting with creativity.



'Devil', a Human Nature favourite, by Jonesy.

‘Devil’, a Human Nature favourite, by Jonesy.


'Father Earth', another fabulous Jonesy bronze.

‘Father Earth’, another fabulous Jonesy bronze.

A bronze pendant.

A more delicate bronze pendant.


Jonesy's 'Leopard' Electric Guitar, handmade with a  Birch walnut body and recycled wood. With an Oak finger boar and Boxwood neck.

Jonesy’s ‘Leopard’ Electric Guitar, handmade with a Birch walnut body and recycled wood.


"I grew up in the 60's where music changed the world. Now I would like art to do the same thing." Jonesy.

Jonesy with his unique ‘Leopard’ electric guitar at the launch of Human Nature at Hoxton Arches in London.

So, if like us, you’re a big Jonesy fan look out for his work on the streets on London in Fournier St, Hanbury St, Osborne St, Sclater St, Bacon st and by Bow Lock.

Alternatively, can see his latest creations at Human Nature at The Gallery, Munro House, Leeds from 23 April – 2 May, and Centrespace in Bristol 16 – 30 July. He’ll also be in our London show in October, venue  and dates to be announced.