The Metropolist interviews Charlotte Webster of Human Nature to find out more about upcoming project ENDANGERED13.

“This April, creativists at environmental art platform Human Nature draw attention to the silent genocide being committed on behalf of your bouji little life. With nearly two-thirds of remaining species predicted to go extinct by the end of this century; thanks to milked oceans, pollution, deforestation and the numerous other over fed and over photographed faces of contemporary civilisation – Leo isn’t the only one wising up. This spring live mural painting event ENDANGERED 13 will see international artists litter London with images of endangered animals in a public love letter to our own disappearing habitat.”

“As artists reclaim the streets in a symbolic assertion of our rights to our physical space; the war for planet earth is being waged with spray paint and art. We got in touch with curator and HUMAN NATURE founder Charlotte Webster for her view on this floating junkyard.”

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